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Living Green means to live a life such that it makes the earth pollution free as well as it saves money of the people by using eco-friendly products.

  • Originated in a 100% solar powered facility.
  • We use cold process production to save energy.
  • Our products are biodegradable.
  • We use recyclable packaging
  • Promote income and fair trade in remote island areas to help indigenous people.
  • Our products are only tested on human friends.
  • ​Use locally sourced, sustainable, wild-crafted raw materials from organic farms in the archipelago.

At Punta Coco we believe

At Punta Coco we believe that what goes on your body is vital to your health and to the environment. That's why our handmade soaps and personal care contain all-natural ingredients, pure essential oils, and no chemicals or synthetics. We realize the importance of preventative lifestyle maintenance through the use of essential oils and aromatherapy in our coconut products. That is why we have specially formulated each of products using the highest quality of natural ingredients and pure virgin coconut oil.  With quality and care our coconut products are specially created in a solar powered facility using a cold process to save energy and are biodegradable to ensure a cleaner environment. Using 100% pure virgin coconut oil makes Punta Coco soaps and shampoos super emollient and burst with rich cleansing lather. Our coconut lotions and conditioners deeply moisturize, hydrate, and shield the skin and hair from moisture loss. All of our products include wholefoods certified ingredients, are bio-friendly and tested only on human friends.


Why Go Green?
Importance of eco-system awareness

Living Green means to live a life such that it makes the earth pollution free as well as it saves money of the people by using eco-friendly products. As more nations become developed and affluent, as more communities embrace the culture of consumerism, and more industries respond to meet the demand for goods and services through mass production and it becomes inevitable that resources and energy are being used up at extremely rapid rates. At the same time, pollutants and harmful substances are released into the environment and materials are discarded as waste at unsustainable rates. In turn, because of our activities (eg. deforestation and mining to extract resources from the earth) and the pollution we create in the process, we have also upset the ecological balance for many communities of living creatures and plants on earth. We, as human race, have to sustain the earth’s resources and energy or soon everything will be depleted and none will be left for our generation. Some people may argue that there is a cost of going green. However, this cost is small, compared to the cost that we will pay if we do not do something today to protect the environment.


“Environment Awareness is everybody’s responsibility. Let’s create a better world together”
Importance of recycling to eco-system sustainability

One important reason for recycling is because recycling helps reduce pollution.
The manufacturing process (including the extraction of virgin materials from the earth) for many products releases waste that pollutes the environment. For example, chemicals used in the manufacturing process contribute to water pollution, especially if the contaminated water is not properly treated before its release to the environment. The power plants that provide the energy needed in the manufacturing process produce gases that pollute the air. Hence, when we reduce and reuse (instead of buying new things all the time), and we recycle (instead of using own virgin materials), we reduce the pollution that results from manufacturing the new products. We can also minimize pollution from the burning of fuel in power plants that generate energy needed in the manufacturing process. These constitute part of the benefits of recycling. The waste we produce may come in the form of bottles, boxes, cans, refuse, furniture, clothing, paper products, packaging waste, glass, aluminium, plastic, metals and paperboard. This waste releases poisonous gases and chemicals into the environment during the disposal process. For example, when the non-biodegradable products in our waste are burned, they often emit gases that deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere, which in turn allows more ultraviolet radiation to reach our living atmosphere, giving rise to global warming and rising sea levels.
“The more we buy (as opposed to reducing), and the more we throw away (instead of reusing and recycling them), the more waste we create”
Benefits of Recycling:

  1. Less waste sent to recycling
  2. Less poisonous gases and chemicals released into the air
  3. Less need for landfills and incinerators

In other words, the benefits of recycling (and reducing and reusing) in preventing pollution are tremendous!